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No one expects criminal charges, a personal injury, or family law problems. But when they happen, look for Denver attorney Michael Fayard. As a former prosecutor, he knows the other side’s moves. And with trial successes across the country, he can get the result you need.

Denver Attorney: Michael Fayard

A lot’s on the line if you’re looking for legal services in Denver. You may need to protect yourself from a conviction. Your Ex may be pushing for custody or extra support. A reckless driver could have left you in pain and with medical bills to pay.

Your lawyer matters because the outcome matters.

Attorney Michael Fayard understands this. As an accomplished trial lawyer, he also knows that only a private attorney with a proven record can deliver the representation you deserve. 303 Law Help is the Denver law firm you’re entitled to. We not only appreciate the stakes. Michael makes resolving things in your favor his #1 priority.

"Defendants not represented by private attorneys receive average sentences about eight months longer.”

- Morris Hoffman study


Michael Fayard has tried hundreds of cases and secured thousands of favorable outcomes across the U.S. as a former Assistant State Attorney, Deputy Prosecuting Attorney, and in private practice. His level of insight and experience gives his clients the edge. Attorney Fayard is ready, whether it’s in a Denver county court, a prosecutor’s office, or negotiating with opposing counsel.

His reputation for getting felony charges dismissed, hammering out beneficial divorce agreements, and securing financial compensation for people in hard times is well-earned. If you need legal help in Denver, attorney Michael Fayard is here to make the legal system work for you.

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Our Denver Legal Services

Don’t give up or risk your future. Let Denver attorney Michael Fayyad explain your options and help if you’re dealing with:

There’s no substitute for genuine courtroom experience and a commitment to see you through life’s legal challenges. Whether you’re accused of a crime., seriously hurt, or need help resolving a family matter you have rights and are entitled to a Denver lawyer like Michael Fayard.

Let’s discuss your issue together and how Michael can address it head-on.

He is relentless to ensure his clients are well taken care of.”

- Cliff T

Why Choose 303 Law Help

You need a lawyer in Denver to explain the system and pursue the result you need. By working with Michael Fayard, you get that attorney – one to tell your story, protect your rights, and fight for you.


Know & Exercise Your Rights

Whether you’ve been arrested or contacted by an insurer, you have the right to an attorney. Use it. No matter the issue, never make statements or answer questions without knowing the impact, or what you’re giving up.


Early Intervention from a Pro

The sooner you work with a lawyer, the better. If you’re dealing with a divorce, your attorney can walk you through the process. When you’re investigated for a crime, you’ll know what’s coming and hopefully clear up misunderstandings before charges get filed.


Negotiate for Your Benefit

The other side may try to reduce what they owe or throw the book at you for a mistake. But Michael Fayard aggressively pursues results that serve you. He does this by presenting your case in the best possible light and finds ways to keep your rerecord clear and your interests protected.


Get Answers To Your Questions

Dealing with legal issues and looking for a lawyer can be stressful. You should be able to get direct answers and a clear understanding of what you’re facing. With attorney Fayard’s wide-reaching experience, he can deliver genuine guidance based on your unique situation.


Stay Informed About Your Case

Some attorneys are hard to get in touch with to discuss your case or their progress. But not Michael Fayard. He appreciates your concerns, makes it a point to keep clients informed and comfortable with what’s happening, and is always accessible when things come up.


Handle Legal Issues with Dignity

You are more than the criminal charges against you. A divorce or custody dispute doesn’t have to be the end of the story. And lives should not be defined by one event or injury. Legal problems happen, and Michael Fayard gets you past them with compassion and respect.