Life Felony Dismissed

Client was charged with Burglary with a Battery as a Felony Punishable By Life in Prison! Michael’s investigation and aggressive negotiations with the prosecutor led to ALL charges against being dismissed.

Family Contempt of Court Dismissed

Michael’s client was in arrears of his monthly alimony payments in the amount of 3,500 per month. Former wife filed a motion for contempt and sought to have the client arrested until payment was made as he was paying for his airplane and hanger, but not his alimony. Michael was able to defeat the motion for contempt and avoid any incarceration or negative ruling. And he kept his air plane and hanger.

Child Support Increased

Michael represented a client that sought to have child support increased from her former husband that had a substantial increase in his income, which he hid from the court during the proceedings. He filed a motion of modification of child support and I was able to increase the client’s monthly child support by 60%. Case completed within one month of being retained.

Adoption Granted

Michael’s client’s wife had a minor son that was sexually abused by her former husband (the child’s biological father). The client, over the last 15 years, grew close to the minor child and became more of a father to the minor child than his biological father. Michael was hired to assist with the adoption. He filed the action and completed the joyous proceeding in less than one month from being retained.

Uncontested Divorce Granted

Michael represented a client that sought an uncontested divorce from her husband. He was able to facilitate the divorce action and get the process completed and the couple divorced within 4 weeks and without the client appearing in court at all.

1st Degree Misdemeanor Dismissed

Michael represented a client charged with violating the quarantine rules and regulations. He was facing a year in jail and a $5,000.00. Michael got the case dismissed!

Confidential Settlement in Client’s Favor.

Michael represented a property owner that hired construction company to build a barn. Construction company failed to follow the plans and sought nearly $40,000 in payments. After pre-suit negotiations, the defendant paid Michael’s client for failure to complete the project.

Insurance Company Tendered Payment in Full

Michael represented a contractor against their own insurance company who refused to defend or pay a claim. After aggressive negotiations, Insurance company defended client and properly paid claim.

Mediated Excellent Settlement

Michael represented a client that purchased a luxury automobile under a highly unfavorable loan. Client did not pay and was sued for the balance. During mediation, plaintiff accepted a drastically reduced confidential settlement without a judgement.

Assets Unfrozen & Client Compensation

Client was sued for a debt and had his bank accounts frozen. Michael represented the client through litigation. The case was dismissed, the client’s money was returned as well as getting him compensated.