Successful Contract Review

Clients were contracting to build a custom home. A national builder provided them with a contract. Michael successfully negotiated more favorable terms to the contract, which led the clients to enter the deal protected.

Breach of Contract Settlement

Client hired a custom builder to build their house. Builder breached the contract and refused to return client’s money. Michael quickly resolved the case getting the clients fully reimbursed including their attorney’s fees.

Defective Product Case Settled

Client was injured through a defectively manufactured product. Company refused to settle with him. Michael was hired and quickly got the client fully compensated for his injuries.

Contempt Dismissed

Client was the subject of a Contempt Motion related to his dissolution of marriage action. His former wife was seeking increased alimony and contempt. Michael was able to get the motion dismissed and his alimony reduced.

Bond Granted

After being charged with burglary, Michael’s client was given No Bond. He represented the client during a Bond Hearing and secures a bond he could afford, which got him out of jail.

Personal Injury Settlement

Client was injured in a rear-end auto accident. Insurance company refused to settle. Michael was hired and quickly got the client fully compensated for his injuries and damage.

Careless Driving Dismissed

Client was facing prosecution related to his careless driving. Michael was able to resolve the case without any adverse consequences to his driving privilege or insurance.

Durable Power of Attorney

Elderly client was in need of asset protection and care through a power of attorney. Michael was able to timely draft a DPA in order to provide client end-of-life control.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Michael’s client was facing overwhelming debt. Michael was able to successfully file and settle his Chapter 13 Bankruptcy with a plan that allowed him to repay creditors and keep his assets.

Successful Tenant Negotiation

Professional Client had a commercial building that the tenant who failed to pay rent. Michael successfully negotiated a resolution with tenant that got the client paid in full and brought tenant into compliance.