Child Support Increased

Michael’s client’s former spouse had a large increase in annual income, but refused to pay additional child support. Michael was able to modify his client’s monthly child support order, and increased it nearly 40%.

Speeding Ticket Reduced for No Points

Client was charged with excessive speed. Michael represented client at a bench trial and got the case resolved without conviction. No points on his license and no negative result on his insurance.

Refund Secured

Michael’s client was being charged for commercial services that they did not receive. Company refused to refund. Client hired Michael to resolve case, who got his clients a complete refund.

Withhold of Adjudication

Michael’s client was entitled to unpaid wages. Employer refused to pay. Michael sent a demand and prepared to file suit. Employer paid all wages owed plus attorney’s fees.

Alimony Reduced

Michael represented the husband in a divorce. Former wife was seeking an increase in alimony. Michael successfully defended the increase and got the alimony reduced.

Bond Reduced to Secure Client’s Release

Client was charged with Burglary and was issued no bond. Michael represented the client at his bond hearing, and over the state’s objection, he secured a bond his client could afford.

Domestic Battery Dismissed

Client was charged with domestic battery. As a direct result of Michael’s investigation, he was able to get the case dismissed.

No Jail for Disorderly Intoxication

Client was charged with Disorderly Intoxication and facing a possible a 30 day jail sentence. Michael successfully negotiated a credit for time served without probation.

Domestic Violence Case Dismissed

Client was charged with domestic violence injunction. Petitioner was seeking permanent injunction. Michael was able to get the case dismissed with no injunction.

Reduced Charges in Sex Sting Operation

Client was charged with Felony Traveling to Meet a Minor or Sex. Original offer was 4 years in prison and sex offender registration for life. Michael resolved the case for a non-sex charge, no registration, and no prison.