3rd DUI Penalties Reduced

Client was arrested for a 3rd DUI while his 2nd was pending. Original offer was 9 months of jail and life-time license revocation. Michael resolved both DUIs to mandatory minimums without lifetime revocation of his driving privileges.

Client Received Minimum DUI Sentence

Michael’s client was charged with Driving Under the Influence with Personal Injury and Property Damage. The original offer was 45 days in county jail. Michael got the charge reduced to state minimums with no jail.

Felony Sentence Reduced

Client was charged with Violation of Felony Probation for a violent crime. The basis of his violation was a violent crime. Michael successfully negotiated a drastically reduced sentence.

Felony Drug Case Dismissed

Client was charged with multiple counts of felony possession of a controlled substance. State sought prison. Michael got the case dismissed entirely without incarceration or probation.

Drug Possession Dismissed

Client was charged with drug possession and his co-defendant got charged with Drug Trafficking. Michael got his client’s case dismissed entirely with no incarceration or probation.

Sale of Controlled Substance – No Prison

Michael represented a client charged with three counts of Sale of a Controlled Substance, while he was on felony probation! The client was facing 5 years in prison. But Michael resolved the case for additional probation and no prison!

Felony Battery on Detained Person – No Prison

Michael’s client was in jail on an unrelated crime. While in custody he was on video conducting an unprovoked attack on another inmate. He was facing prison. Michael resolved the case for time-served.

Breach of Contract Avoided

Michael represented a client that was being threatened by a former employer for breach of contract and non-compete. He presented numerous defenses and counter-claims. The former employer signed a release and did not take action.

Business Acquisition Due Diligence

Michael represented a client that attempted to purchase a business. He was hired for legal counsel and due diligence investigations. His team, including a forensic accountant, uncovered many inaccuracies and helped the client avoid a bad purchase.

Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon Dismissed

Michael represented a client charged with Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon. The charge carried mandatory prison.Michael got the Felony dismissed.